MTA:SA DM Developer Preview

MTA:SA DM Developer Preview 2.3

MTA:SA DeathMatch is THE mod for your GTA: San Andreas
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Multi Theft Auto

Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Death-match is a modification for GTA:SA that allows users to play on-line with other players. Following the success of MTA: SA Race, the developers decided to take it to the next step: walking. Race confined the player inside the car, however with Death-match you can get out of the car and use all the weapons and power-ups from the single player game. For many GTA fans, this was something they were waiting for since the very first GTA, the only one with multi-player mode. Rockstar has never worried about making the GTA series an on-line game, due to the complexities of doing this. But the MTA did it again, although it is still a beta, it works pretty well and provides lots of fun. You can use any weapon from the normal GTA and any power-up. As in Race, Death-match also includes a browser application to manage the game server settings. Even if it's all fun, there are some glitches here and there with the players. These are minor and they don't happen very often. If you want to play San Andreas on-line, this is the download you should get.

Ismael Mireles
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